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General Information

Please note that, for security reasons, you’re not allowed to enter the Consulate premises with bulky bags, backpacks or suitcases. Given the current situation in progress and the consequent need for social distancing, the flow of reservations will be adjusted accordingly (it is possible that your appointment time will not be respected). However, the citizen is invited to arrive on the exact date and time of the confirmed reservation, in order not to generate further delays in the service. At the time of the appointment, please go to the Consulate General unaccompanied and equipped with social security devices.

Please remember to come to the appointment with all the documentation necessary for the passport application.

In particular:

  • what is listed in the explanatory tables below;
  • if the adult applicant has minor children, a self-certification declaration must be completed regarding the absence of measures that could prevent the issuance of the new passport (as per the provisions contained in article 20 of the Decree Law of 13 June 2023, n. 69);
  • for the issuing passports to minors, the consent of both parents is required. Please see the following instructions.

The Passport

The passport is a travel and identification document issued in Italy by the Questuras and abroad by Italian Embassies and Consulates.The passport is issued with the highest security standards and including digitalized fingerprints and signature: thus the presence of the citizen is required for application at the Consulate General or at the (delegated) Honorary Consul. From June 26th 2012, all Italian minors must have their own travel document and from June 23rd 2014 no annual fee is due. A new booklet is always issued (no renewal option is available anymore). The validity of the passport differs according to the age of the holder: for minors from 0 to 3 years the validity is 3 years; for minors from 3 to 18 years the validity is 5 years; for adults the validity is 10 years.

  • A citizen resident in this Consular Area who, at the moment of the appointment, is either non-registered AIRE in this Consulate or has not submitted a registration request, will see her/his passport application not accepted. Further information is available at the Registry page.
  • In the case of a passport application for a minor and the absence of one of the related parents and if the absent parent is not Italian or citizen of the European Community, her/his consent must be notarized and with apostille (if resident outside the USA). Further information are below and, for the apostille, at the dedicated page. Failure to comply with these requirements may delay or cause the passport application not to be accepted.


Please carefully follow this instructions:

  • Reservations for the Passport Service are open only for 90 days following today’s date (if not already occupied by other users).
  • The Prenot@mi portal offers an authentication system that requires the confirmation of each action by means of an OTP code sent automatically to the user’s mailbox. We invite you to search for this code in all mailboxes (including Spam) and, if necessary, to repeat the operation to obtain it. The Passport Office cannot generate this code for the user or confirm the reservation;
  • in the event that the booking system does not give availability, we invite you to try again, in case others cancel booked appointments. It is advisable to access the portal on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12AM Rome time, when the system will make new appointments available (if foreseen by the Consulate’s opening calendar) after 12 weeks;
  • the appointment for minors must be booked by a parent, inserting the minor as a companion;
  • any reservation must be confirmed between the tenth and the third day from the booked date: failure to confirm it will automatically assign the appointment to the first citizen on the waiting list and will not allow access to the consular premises.

You are kindly invited to always cancel in advance the appointments that you will not be able to attend.

Emergency of Italian Citizen

The Consulate General, and in particular the Passport Office, provides assistance in all emergency cases of theft or loss of the passport or other cases in which the Italian citizen, resident or non-resident in the Consular Area, needs support for the return to Italy or to country of residence. These cases are handled individually and directly with the citizen and may involve dedicated appointments at the Consulate or remote procedures (in exceptional cases). The following are the most common cases:

  • to return to Italy or the country of residence (if not citizen of that country) in the next seven days click here.
  • in case of theft or loss of passport click here.
  • if the Italian citizen is in a documented emergency situation, it is possible to request an emergency passport issue, è possibile richiedere un rilascio d’emergenza di passaporto. Message the Passport Office, attaching any documents useful to determine this emergency.

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Passport Application of Italian Citizen Registered as Resident A.I.R.E.(*)

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Follow the two tables below to know all the documents necessary for issuing to Italian citizens resident A.I.R.E. in the Consular District of the Consulate of Miami.

To Book the Appointment Who must attend Forms Minor Prenot@mi / Kid Day Minor and both parents(if a parent is not present, see “consent”) Application Form for Minor Applicant with Minor(s) Prenot@mi the applicant Application Form Over 70 Prenot@mi / Silver Day (all other cases) Prenot@mi In addition, everyone must bring: Proof of Identity Residence and Citizenship: [see instructions] The photo is mandatory only for minors of 12y age – see instructions Fees: $126.30 till 09/30/23 – money order (no Bank of America ) to “Consolato Generale d’Italia – Miami” Per pick-up/Delivery: [see instructions]

*Are residents A.I.R.E. all citizens registered in this Consulate General with a proof of residence in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Marteen, St. Eustatius, Saba, US and British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos.

Please note that (minimum) the request of A.I.R.E registration is mandatory. before your passport appointment. The lack of that will not allow the acceptance of the passport application..

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Other Types of Passport Application

If you’re citizen and registered A.I.R.E. resident in Jamaica, Georgia and Bahamas,, you can apply for the passport at the Honorary Consul for your areawho will notarize the related documents and photos, as well as record the biometric data. All the original documentation will then be sent by the citizen to the Passport Office of this Consulate for a remote application. For all info, please see the two previous tables.

For citizen under the age of 12 and registered A.I.R.E. resident but not in Florida, a remote application is possible, sending to the Passport Office of this Consulate the following:

  • authentication form of one of the two passport photos, authenticated by a Notary Public and duly apostilled (if resident outside the USA);
  • all the provisions for Minor (see above).

If the Italian citizen and registered A.I.R.E. resident absolutely cannot apply at the Consulate or at a delegated Honorary Consul, a remote application for a temporary passport is possible. Message to the Passport Office, attaching any relevant documents of the situation.

If the Italian citizen is temporarly or occasional in this Consular area and needs the passport renewal , message the Passport Office, attaching any useful documents to determine the reason of the request (expired passport is not a sufficient reason). Apart from emergency cases, these renewal applications are accepted only in specific and documented cases (e.g. study).

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Emergency of Italian Citizen

Passport Theft or Loss

The loss or theft of your passport is a very serious matter. The fact must be immediately filed, even if you don’t apply for a new passport.Message this Passport Office, attaching the following:

  • detailed report of passport loss made to the Consulate (as for art. 46 and 47 and warnings at art. 76 of the D.P.R 445/2000);
  • in case of theft, report of the theft made to the local Police Authority;
  • possibly a copy of the lost passport.

Issue of Emergency Travel Document (E.T.D.)

a Emergency Travel Document, also called E.T.D., valid (maximum validity of 7 days) only for the return trip to Italy or to the country of permanent residence abroad (if not citizen of that country).

To obtain it, the citizen must present him/herself (without an appointment) to the Passport Office bringing the following documentation:

  • 2 recent passport photos;
  • other identity document such as identity card or driving license, even in photocopy. In the absence of it, the Office will have to carry out the appropriate identity checks;
  • Travel document, arriving at the destination no later than seven days after presentation at the Consulate;
  • Money order for $1.70 till 09/30/2023 (no Bank of America) to “Consolato Generale d’Italia – Miami”.

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Consent for a Minor’s Passport and Tutelary Judge Provvision

Pursuant to Law 1185/1967, art. 3 (as amended by art. 24 of Law 3/2003), in the passport application form the Italian citizen must indicate the existence of his/her minor children, whether they live with the applicant or not.For these cases, the law provides for the need for explicit consent from the other parent (called “act of consent”), if it is required for the minor child.


  • if all parents are present at the appointment, the consent form will be signed at the time of the passport application directly on the application form; therefore no consent form is necessary;
  • even if only one of the parents is absent from the appointment, follow the instructions in the four pointed list below;
  • if the parent is resident in this Consular District and must sign the consent form for a minor or other parent residing elsewhere, s/he may come to the Consulate (without an appointment) any working day morning, notifying the Passport Office a couple of days in advance. This form (complete but not signed), a money order ($21.80 till 09/30/2023 – no Bank of America – to “Consolato Generale d’Italia – Miami”) and a valid identity document.
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The act of consent must be accompanied by a copy of an identity document for EU citizens or legalized by a consular officer authorized to do so or by a local authority in the case of non-EU citizens (apostille is needed in this last case if resident outside the USA – see below).In case of children of different parents, an act of consent must be presented for each of the children. The act of consent is valid for six months from its signature. In the event of the death of one of the parents, a copy of the death certificate is sufficient. The act of consent is a personal statement that the interested parties formulate by completing and signing, as the case may be, the application form for minors or using the appropriate form. If the authorizing person is unable to personally sign the consent at the Consulate General, please follow these instructions:

  • if he resides in Italy and is an Italian / EU citizen, s/he can sign the consent at a Municipality or Questura; alternatively, s/he can sign the consent at home and attach a photocopy of her/his valid identity document issued by one of the EU countries (the consent can then be presented in original by the applicant together with the passport application);
  • if he resides abroad and is an Italian / EU citizen, he can sign the consent at home and attach a photocopy of a valid identity document issued by one of the EU countries (the consent can then be presented in original by the applicant together with the passport application);
  • if he resides in Italy and is a non-EU citizen, he must sign the consent at a Municipality or Questura;
  • if he resides abroad and is a non-EU citizen, he must sign the consent and have the signature authenticated by a notary and (if resident outside the USA) apostilled by the Department of the State where he lives or legalized by the Italian Consular Office competent for the area.

The law does not allow exceptions to the act of consent, except in the case of a consular decree. If the other parent refuses to sign the consent, the applicant can initiate the authorization procedure by the Tutelary Judge, who may exceptionally grant the issue of the passport. This procedure must be initiated at the Passport Office (only at the time or after the application for renewal of the passport), indicating the reasons for the non-consent and the reasons for which the refusal is considered unjustified, as well as the complete address and any contact details. telephone numbers and e-mails of the non-consenting parent and all the detailed information regarding the custody of the minor and the fulfillment of the obligations deriving from the exercise of parental responsibility (eg the payment of alimony, where due). If it is found that the reasons for the dissent are not justified, the Consul General, as Tutelary Judge, may authorize the issue of the passport, with a specific motivated provision. This procedure is of an exceptional nature and of voluntary jurisdiction, so it can only be used in the event of absolute impossibility of obtaining the consent required by law.

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Travel Authorization for Minors of less than 14 year old, Travelling Abroad without Parents / Guardians

Italian minors under the age of 14, traveling without parents or those exercising parental authority, must have a “Travel Authorization”, which is issued on the basis of a statement from the parents or guardians bearing the name of the person (or persons), of the Company or Airline to which the minors are entrusted during the trip. See the following cases:

  • the travel authorization is presented to the Office by the parents or guardians, who sign it in the presence of the officer in charge;
  • alternatively, if the parent issuing the consent is an Italian or European citizen, the authorization, pre-filled and signed by him/her, can be give for the minor, provided it is current, accompanied by a simple copy of a valid identity document (with signature) of the subscriber;
  • alternatively, if the parent is not a European citizen and resides abroad, the authentication of the signature by this Consulate General is always required (or, as long as current, the authentication of the signature by a Notary Public – duly apostilled if resident outside the USA – or of another Italian Consular Office or of Questura or the Municipality in Italy).

The decision on whether to request, in the best interest of the child, the presence of those exercising parental responsibility and the minor is left to the evaluation of the Office.The travel authorization may concern only one trip (to be understood as a one-way and / or return journey) from the country of residence of the minor with a specific destination and cannot exceed the maximum term of six months. Those exercising parental responsibility or guardianship may indicate up to a maximum of two accompanying persons, who will however be alternatives to each other. In making the accompanying declaration, those exercising parental responsibility or guardianship may request that the names of the accompanying persons, the duration of the trip and the destination to be printed on the passport of the minor or alternatively that such data be reported in a separate attestation, which will be printed by the competent office; in the event that the minor is entrusted to an organization or a transport company, only the certificate is issued, to ensure the completeness and legibility of the data relating to the trip. Before purchasing the trvel ticket, it is suggested to verify that the transport company accepts that the minor is entrusted to it.

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Identity Residence and Citizenship

The Registry of Italians Residing Abroad (A.I.R.E.) was established by law no. 470 10/27/1988 and contains the data of Italian citizens residing abroad. It is managed by the Municipalities on the basis of data and information from consular offices abroad. Registration with the A.I.R.E. is a citizen’s right and duty (Article 6 of Law 470/1988) and constitutes the prerequisite for using all services provided by consular offices abroad, such as issuing a passport.

The identity, residence and citizenship of the Italian citizen are fundamental data in the process of a passport application. These data must be verified for all participants in the document application, whether they are Italians / EU citizens or other foreign citizens. Follow the directions below to ensure that the application request is complete.

Identity: All participants in the application must provide a valid identity document, from a state, Italian or foreign public authority Residence: Proof of residence of the address stated in the application form must be provided. This proof cannot be a telephone carrier bill or a bank / financial statement. In caso of minor, a proof of residence from one of the parents is sufficient. Italian Citizenship: Issuance against an Existing Passport: Deliver the Existing Passport Issue of New Passport: Provide Certificate of Citizenship from Italian Authority and Extract of Birth Certificate from Italian Municipality. That is not needed if the certificate’s registration was done through this General Consulate.

If the applicant to the passport has acquired a foreign citizenship not at birth and after the acquisition of Italian citizenship, he must provide the Certificate of Naturalization of that citizenship. In the event that the applicant is a minor or that the naturalization took place before the citizen was of age, provide the Certificate of Naturalization of the Italian parent.

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Passport Shipping / CPick-up

It is the goal of the Passport Office to issue the new passport on sight. However, the issue may involve checks and authorizations requests to other Italian Authorities, abroad and in Italy, which may lead to a delay in the issue. It should be noted that this Consulate General is not responsible for delays resulting from failure to comply with the terms established by third parties; therefore, the citizen has to apply for the passport in good time, to avoid any delays causing damage for which the Consulate General is not responsible. The passport can be delivered by shipment, if the applicant has provided a pre-franked / addressed Priority Mail or Express Mail US Postal Service package for the shipment of the previous and the new passport (to his home at his own expense) and has signed a specific form, assuming the risk of loss / theft. Alternatively, the citizen can personally pick-up the passport (any morning of a working day, without an appointment) or delegate a different person to collect it; in this last case this statement must be in writing, signed by the passport holder and accompanied by an identity document of the same.At the earliest time, the citizen is required to check the integrity of the passport and the correctness of the personal data contained therein, in order to avoid the costs deriving from any requests for replacement of the passport (to be paid by the citizen).

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Return of Passports Found Abroad and Returned to the Consular Offices

Lost or stolen passports found by the local authorities are returned to a Consular Office. In case your passport was either lost or stolen recently you may contact the Consular Office competent for the area where the incident occurred In case you want to retrieve your passport it can be done in person or by mail (providing a prepaid shipping). After a year from the date the passport was returned to the Consular Office, without a claim, the same will be destroyed without any further notice.

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Spouse’s surname printed on the passport

In the case of marriage in Italy or registered in the Municipality in Italy, it is possible to add the words “Cognome del coniuge: …” to the passport. Please note that the surname shown on the passport will always be that of the birth, unless ruled by an Italian court. .

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